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What is water backup coverage and why is it important?

Aug 7 2020 Water damage can be disastrous to your home. Imagine discovering that your entire basement is filled with brown water and sewage from a backed-up water main or other pipe. It’s not only disgusting and potentially... more »

Two-Wheeled Safety Tips

Jul 23 2020 Summer is a great time to go for a bike ride-which makes it a great time for some bike safety reminders! Wear a helmet. When you’re balancing high up on two wheels, it’s unfortunately all too easy to take a tumble-and... more »

How to Update your Home — Without Spending Thousands

Jul 10 2020 It doesn’t take a massive remodel, or a big budget, to make your house feel a little more like home to you. Inside or out, small improvements can make a significant difference - and whether you’re handy or not, you can... more »

Summertime Safety Amid Coronavirus

Jun 16 2020 Summer’s unofficial start will soon become official-and that usually means it’s time for lots of outdoor activities and relaxation. You may wonder if precautions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic may change what you... more »

I Just Bought a New Car. What Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Jun 5 2020 Congratulations! After weeks of research, comparing makes and models, and taking test drives you finally bought that brand-new car you wanted. But before you take that well-deserved road trip, check one more item off... more »

Post-Pandemic Boating

May 19 2020 It’s the perfect time of year to take your boat out on the water-and after a couple months of quarantine, water recreation has never seemed so delightful! That being said, boaters need to focus on safety now more than... more »

Keep Your Pets Safe in a Disaster

May 1 2020 A safe home, a regular routine, a soft bed – the things that bring you comfort bring your pet comfort, too. It’s so important to give some advance thought to how you’d handle your pet responsibilities during and after a... more »

Celebrate National Garden Month

Apr 14 2020 April is National Garden Month, and never has there been a better April for you to dig in and make your garden dreams a reality. With many of us sheltering at home, we have time and energy to focus on that garden... more »

Why You Need Service Line Coverage

Apr 3 2020 Let’s spare a moment for something most of us use every day yet probably take for granted: our service lines. We rely on them for access to water, electricity, gas, Internet connection, and more, but only think about... more »

Coronavirus Concerns for Employers

Mar 18 2020 The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every area of life, and perhaps none more intensely than the workplace. Employees have been divided into essential and non-essential. Workers who never telecommuted before are... more »

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