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Be Prepared: Wildfire Edition

Wildfire season is well underway—and not just here in California. As we write this, a fire four times the size of Seattle is raging in Washington state.

It’s definitely not too late to follow our fireproofing tips to keep your home and business property safe—but it’s also not to soon to refresh your memory about what to do if a wildfire hits your area.

  • Monitor local news reports for evacuation information and procedures. TV and social media are great resources, but be sure to have a battery-operated radio—and plenty of the right batteries—on hand in case the power goes out.
  • Turn off the gas valves and pilot lights, close all windows and doors, and pack your car so you’ll be ready to evacuate if necessary.
  • CalFire suggests propping a ladder against the house so you—and firefighters—can have access to the roof, in addition to filling buckets with water and making sure hoses are accessible.
  • Turn off your air conditioning system.
  • Secure your pets.
  • If you’re able, try to reduce fire danger in and around the property:
  1. Remove combustible items from around the building (outdoor furniture, etc)
  2. Take down flammable draperies
  3. Move upholstered furniture to the center of the room, away from sliding glass doors and windows

Beall Financial and Insurance Services has been working with property owners for more than 25 years to help them protect their most important assets: home, health, and business. If you have questions about insurance coverage for fire, contact us.


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