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The Gift of Safe Driving

Every employer wants to reduce worker injury.

It’s the right thing to do—helping to protect the people who work for your company. And it’s the smart thing to do—reducing medical and workers compensation expenses, lost time, and lost productivity.

Most employers consider ways they can improve safety and reduce injury risk in the workplace. But they may not always consider how they can help workers to stay safe when they get behind the wheel.

That’s an oversight no one can afford.

Did you know that transportation-related incidents typically rank among the top causes of workplace fatalities?

Fatigue may contribute to as many as 100,000 traffic accidents each year.

Distracted driving also contributes to traffic accidents—and can be an area of particular concern for employers. If a work-related car crash involves cell phone use, employers could be held legally responsible.

For instance, in one case an off-duty police officer—driving a police cruiser—was texting moments before a fatal crash. His employer was held liable for $4 million—and this is just one of a number of examples in which a jury held an employer liable for the distracted driving of an employee.

Whether your workers drive a vehicle from the company fleet, or their own personal vehicles to take care of work-related tasks, they are at risk for injury every time they get behind the wheel.

What can you do to help them stay safe? Step One: establish driving policies that encourage safe behavior and discourage risky behavior.

Your corporate safe driving policy should include basic safety rules, such as

  • Obeying the speed limit
  • Wearing a seat belt whenever operating a vehicle
  • Never operating a vehicle after drinking alcohol.

You may also want to emphasize ways to avoid “distracted driving” and driver fatigue, such as

  • Avoiding speaking on the phone (even a hands-free phone) while driving
  • Not texting while driving
  • Ensuring drivers are rested and alert before getting behind the wheel.

Let your workers know that their safety is your top priority—especially when they’re on the road. Encourage them to use common sense, follow traffic laws diligently, and pay attention to the road and the drivers around them. It will help them stay safe behind the wheel—and help preserve your company’s future and reputation.

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