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A Kit + A Plan = Disaster Preparedness

Yes, this is the month we celebrate our nation’s independence. But there’s another commemoration in July that you may be less familiar with.

This is Disaster Education and Awareness Month.

Okay, we get it: talking about disasters is no fun at all. But you know what’s even less fun? Struggling to recover from a disaster, when you didn’t have any preparations made!

So take a few minutes to see how easy disaster prep is—and then take a couple of hours to actually take these disaster preparedness tips. Best case scenario, you’ll never need to use your disaster recovery kit! But if the situation arises, and you need it, you’ll be glad to have it on hand.

Create a Kit

Most of us have heard about disaster kits from a very young age… but that doesn’t mean we’ve actually taken the time to put one together! Be “Red Cross ready” and put together a disaster kit.  Remember: in the wake of a disaster, you may be unable to reach the store, to plug in to an electrical outlet, or to withdraw money from an ATM. (And don’t forget the furry family members! Your family’s emergency kit should include food, water, and supplies for pets, too.)

Plan On It

Take time now to make a plan that your family can rely on later. Choose a meeting location. Choose a trusted friend or family member who lives outside the area to be a point person, in case it is easier to make a call (or receive one) from someone unaffected by the disaster. Get more emergency plan pointers here.

Get the Scoop

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself… and what can help you combat fear? Knowledge. So stay informed! In Southern California, we are vulnerable to earthquakes and wildfire—so it’s important to stay abreast of recent earthquakes and wildfires in our area. Considering following organizations like the National Weather Service on social media, or investing in an NOAA Weather Radio, to help keep informed—so you can take timely action.

You see? It’s pretty simple! Now it’s time to put down your device and get started following these great tips. Happy Disaster Education and Awareness Month!