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Have a Safe (and Fun!) Halloween!

How to make sure your Halloween is all treats and no tricks? A good place to start is following these Halloween safety tips! They’ll help protect visitors to your home—and help prevent any resulting liability claims, too.

  • We all know that keeping property well-lit is a great way to reduce the potential of injury—but Halloween is not the season for bright lights! Maintain the mood and improve safety by using outdoor holiday lights (in orange, perhaps?) or LED tea lights.
  • Keep the path clear! If you’re decorating the yard with tombstones, mummies, or something similar, make sure they don’t obstruct the path to your door. Repair any loose stones on your walkway before the big night, too.
  • Protect your pets and your visitors. Keep Fido and Fluffy away from the action so they won’t be startled or scared by visitors—and vice versa.
  • Is a Halloween party on the agenda? Give us a call to check your homeowners insurance beforehand. We’ll help you make sure you have adequate coverage, in case a guest is injured on your property.
  • Decorate wisely! Giant spiderwebs add a lot of ambiance—but they can also entangle. Pitchforks or other menacing objects can add atmosphere, too, but using the real thing is certainly not worth the risk! Invest in harmless replicas that still look the part—but won’t hurt anyone.

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