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A Happy Holiday Is a Safe Holiday!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—unless you fall prey to one of the many perils unique to the holiday season!

It’s no joke: while holiday decorations, parties, and gifts all contribute to make this the happ-happiest season of all, they also expose us to risks that are not quite as potent during the rest of the year. So as you are celebrating, please remember:

  • To use the proper tools. If you are hanging decorations up on high, don’t stand on a chair or stool—use a ladder that is firmly positioned. (Better yet, make sure you have an assistant to hold the ladder while you’re up on it!)
  • To keep an eye on your holiday tree. Ensure that it has fresh water in the basin, to try to prevent it from drying out and becoming a fire hazard. Make sure that there are no tempting decorations hung where small hands—or pets—can try to tug them off, and accidentally topple the tree.
  • To focus on fire safety. Holiday lights make the season bright—but older bulbs can run hot, and if placed too close to a wooden surface, or left unattended on a drying holiday tree, can spark a fire. Be cautious about candles, too, and be sure to never use them as tree decorations or leave them burning unattended.  
  • To drive with extra caution! It is easy for pedestrians and motorists to become distracted by holiday displays. So while driving through store parking lots, keep an eye out for small children or harried adults, and while driving on the street, keep an eye out for others who may have their eyes on holiday decorations instead of the road.
  • To keep hazardous plants out of reach of children and small animals. This includes poinsettias, holly and holly berries, and mistletoe.

All of us at Beall Insurance wish all of you a joyful—and safe!—holiday season!