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Make Disaster Prep Your New Year's Resolution

2017 was a year of natural challenges—from the hurricanes in the South to California’s wildfires and ensuing mudslides.

Natural disasters are a fact of life, and most of them are impossible for us to prevent. But there are steps you can take to prepare your property to face down a natural disaster, and to poise yourself for a smooth recovery if you experience one.

So this month, why not make it your New Year’s Resolution to take on these disaster-prep tasks? You could make 2018 your safest year yet!

  • Review your property. After a rain, walk the property to see where water pools; check the ceilings in every room to check for links; take a close look at exterior walls. If you spot a problem with grading or your roof, settle on a budget, make an appointment, and take care of the problem.
  • Check your windows and doors for drafts that could admit hot or cold air, or airborne particles. While you may want to consider a replacement project, you may be able to handle any problems less expensively, by replacing weatherstripping or utilizing draft stoppers.
  • Make a landscaping plan. Consider whether any large trees or shrubs are too close to your home. Should they be removed, to prevent them from falling on your house during a storm? Or will a thorough pruning suffice? Do you have enough landscaping to help protect your home in the event of wildfire? If there are any dead or dying plants, remove them. Consider carefully where you should place new plants to assist in soil retention and, potentially, wildfire prevention. And don’t forget to check your raingutters for dead leaves and other debris—and make a schedule to clean them throughout the year, so they will function as needed.
  • Make a disaster kit for each member of your family (and make one to keep at work, too!). Schedule a review of that kit throughout the year, so you can replace any supplies that are nearing expiration.
  • Make a home inventory! Don’t let another year go by without documenting your possessions, so that if something happens, you can simply and easily file a claim.
  • Review your insurance coverage. Remember, if you’ve completed a home renovation, the value of your home may have increased—and your insurance coverage needs to as well. Questions? Reach out to us! We’re happy to go over your policies with you. 

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