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Be Water Wise

  • Watering your lawn and garden is more important during the hottest months of the year than at any other time… which is probably why July is Smart Irrigation Month!

For Californians, smart irrigation has been top of mind for a long time. Our long-running drought pushed many property owners to replace thirsty turf lawns with drought tolerant plantings, and our municipalities required us to reduce our water usage.

But you just can’t have too many water-conservation reminders! So in honor of Smart Irrigation Month, here you go:

  • Consider how you water your lawn and plants. The right types of sprinklers, carefully placed, can manage your water usage and keep your lawn hydrated at the same time. Got flower beds? A drip system allows you to target specific plants, without watering territory that’s unplanted.
  • Choose your time wisely. Water in the early morning hours, preferably from 5:00-10:00 AM. Later in the day you’ll use a huge portion—as much as a third—of your water to evaporation. Nighttime watering can lead to fungus developing on your plants.
  • Install an automatic timer for your irrigation system. Few of us would be enthusiastic about getting up at 5 in the morning to water the lawn—but with the right technology, you won’t have to.
  • Install a rain sensor while you’re at it. Then when Mother Nature takes care of watering your lawn, you won’t be wasting water by having the sprinklers run, too.
  • Water only what needs water. In other words, make sure your sprinklers aren’t hydrating the sidewalk! Adjust all sprinklers to water only the areas that need the water.
  • Don’t simply set it and forget it: inspect your sprinkler heads and hoses once a month to make sure there are no leaks or clogged heads. This will keep your plants thriving and your water bill low.

Remember that mulch is your friend. Place 2-3 inches of mulch in flower beds to help retain moisture and keep weeds from growing.

Happy irrigating!       

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