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Summertime Safety Amid Coronavirus

Summer’s unofficial start will soon become official—and that usually means it’s time for lots of outdoor activities and relaxation.

You may wonder if precautions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic may change what you can expect to get out of this wonderful time of year. Here are some tips to help you fully enjoy the season while staying safe. 

You will likely be able to visit your usual favorite summer places, from parks to lakes to the beach—but you would be wise to take certain precautions. First of all, call ahead to make sure you chosen destination is open to the public, and if it is, whether it has any unique requirements you’ll need to comply with. Then consider what time of day your destination is likely to be the least crowded, so you can practice social distancing with ease.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble participating in your favorite outdoor activities—but exercise caution. If you are hiking in a remote location or biking, you probably won’t need to wear a face mask—unless it’s a group activity that would make it difficult to practice social distancing. If you are out for a walk or a run in the neighborhood, again, you probably won’t need a face mask—but you will certainly want to stay at least six feet away from others. As for swimming, there’s no evidence that coronavirus can spread from person to person through the water—so you can feel fairly confident diving right in.

If you hope to host or even attend a cookout, make sure attendance numbers are low enough to facilitate social distancing. It’s impossible to wear a face mask correctly and eat at the same time, so social distancing could be particularly important in this situation.

Continue to follow all the safety practices that have become so familiar to us: wash your hands thoroughly and often; use hand sanitizer if you’re unable to wash your hands; don’t touch your eyes, nose, mouth, or ears; maintain social distancing of at least six feet from others who don’t live in your household; and wear a face mask in situations where social distancing might be difficult.

And, of course, follow all those standard summertime safety tips! Apply sunblock regularly, wear appropriate eyewear to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, keep a close eye on your grill when you’re cooking, don’t leave food out in the sun to spoil, and pay close attention to the road when you’re behind the wheel.

However you celebrate summer this year, we hope you enjoy it—safely!

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