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Gearing Up for the Great Shakeout

Look, if you live in California, you know that earthquakes come with the territory. Right?

But what you may not know is exactly how big a risk earthquakes pose to the Golden State.

The fact is, California carries an incredible two-thirds of all US earthquake risk. It experiences multiple earthquakes each day. And a major earthquake in a heavily populated area (um, like Los Angeles? Or San Diego? Or San Francisco?) could cause as much as $300 billion in damages.

So, yes, earthquakes are a big risk that California faces every single day of the year. And no, there’s no Earthquake Prevention Week to help Californians reduce that risk!

But there is the Great Shakeout, which is coming up fast. And, while it won’t necessarily help protect property from an earthquake, it can go a long way toward helping residents safe if an earthquake hits.

On Oct. 20, millions will take part in the world’s largest earthquake drill. It’s a great way to remember the risk that earthquake poses—and how to protect yourself during an earthquake alert (spoiler alert: drop, cover, and hold on!).

You have a whole week before the Great Shakeout—plenty of time to set in motion some vital earthquake preparedness.

  • Inspect your home or workplace for non structural items that could fall in an earthquake (think bookshelves or equipment). Work on securing those items or moving them to a safer place.
  • Be sure that your family and workplace have disaster preparedness plans in place. If they don’t, create one. If they do, review them!
  • If you are a business owner or executive, review your business continuity plan for post-disaster recovery. Don’t have one? Now’s a great time to make one!
  • Check your emergency supply kit and refresh as necessary.
  • Review your earthquake insurance policy to be sure it offers sufficient coverage. (Or, if you’re among the 90 percent of Californians lacking earthquake insurance, give us a call. After all, damage from earthquake is typically excluded from homeowners insurance policies.)

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