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Focus on Flood-Proofing

Southern California was recently attacked by a fierce winter rainstorm that drove some area residents from their homes and filled streets all across the region with mud and debris. Now that the storm is over, it's the perfect time to focus on flood-proofing your property, to make sure you're prepared for the next time.

Why is this the perfect time for flood-proofing? Not only is the threat fresh in your mind, but you have an opportunity to observe the damage a heavy storm has wrought on your home or business.

Stroll around the perimeter of the building, and investigate every corner of the property. Observe locations where rainwater has puddled, and check if rain water is flowing toward your home or business. If you notice problems, consider re-grading so surface water is directed away from the building.

Other tips to flood-proof your property:

* Remove leaves and other debris from eaves and rain gutters.

* Extend rain gutter downspouts so that they are several feet away from the building.

* Install water-tight flood shields or barriers for basement windows, doors, and other openings.

* If you have a basement, consider installing a sump pump to help prevent rainwater leakage from building up.

* Follow good emergency preparedness tips, like developing an evacuation plan, stocking up on water and canned food supplies, and making a list of your valuables and keeping it in a safe place.

* Landscape garden areas and driveways to help divert water away from the building.

* Check your insurance policy to be sure it includes flood insurance.

Beall Financial and Insurance Services been working with property owners for more than 25 years to help them protect their most important assets: home, health, and business. If you have questions about your fire coverage or other insurance policies, contact us.


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