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Focus on Eye Safety

There’s no place like  home… for putting your eyes at risk.

Your eyes are vital organs—and it’s not unusual for them to be exposed to risk of foreign objects, cuts or abrasions, or other injury. But when you are puttering around your home or yard, that risk is probably the last thing on your mind. And that means it’s the last time you’re trying to protect yourself from.

In honor of this Home Eye Safety Month, we’d like to remind you just how many risks your eyes are exposed to at home:

  • Hazardous products and chemicals such as oven cleaner and bleach
  • Cooking foods can that can splatter hot grease or oil
  • Opening champagne bottles during a celebration
  • Drilling or hammering screws or nails
  • Using hot objects such as curling irons around the face
  • Yard tools
  • Power tools
  • Dust, fragments, and other foreign objects

The good news? Protective eyewear will prevent 90 percent of eye injuries. So as you are doing the housekeeping with harsh chemicals, trimming the shrubs outside, or trying to hang a picture, make sure you wear the appropriate protective eyewear.

More tips to help keep your eyes safe:

  • Read the labels of chemicals and cleaners carefully, and don’t mix products.
  • Cushion sharp corners and edges of furnishings and home fixtures if you have children or the elderly in your house.
  • Check the lawn or the outdoor area where you will be working for debris that can become a projectile.
  • Keep your tools in good working condition; repair or replace worn or damaged tools.
  • Make sure that all spray nozzles are directed away from you.
  • Use grease shields on frying pans to protect from splattering.

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