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Keep Your Thanksgiving Stress-Free

Many of us look forward to the holidays, and all the joys they bring: gathering with family and friends, enjoying wonderful meals and holiday treats, the decorations, the gifts, and on and on.

But those same joys can be major stressors! So in the interest of helping you keep your good humor—and your sanity—during this holiday season, we’d like to share some ideas to kick the season off right: with a stress-free Thanksgiving.

  • Make a plan. First and foremost, this includes your menu and your shopping list. It should also include a schedule of when you will do what (see next tip) and who will assist (see tip after that!).
  • Work ahead. You may be surprised how much of your Thanksgiving celebration can be crossed off your to-do list before the big day. For instance, you could set the table the weekend before. You may be able to bake your pies—or at least the crusts—well in advance, too. Ditto for cranberry sauce. On Tuesday or Wednesday, you may be able to take care of a lot of chopping, vegetable peeling, and other prep.
  • Remember, you don’t have to cook everything from scratch. Some dishes have particular importance to your family, and some dishes you probably enjoy cooking more than others. Not big on baking? Save yourself some time and aggravation, and buy some ready-to-bake rolls from the grocery store.
  • Delegate tasks. Remember, Thanksgiving is a community celebration! So involve your guests in making that celebration a reality. If there’s a family dish that simply must be on the table, ask one of your family members who may have a little more time to prepare that particular dish. Struggling to come up with appetizer ideas? Ask each guest to bring a snack to share before the main event.
  • Remember that delegating can continue after dinner has ended! Ask for some support as you clear the table and fill the dishwasher.
  • Take some time to relax and enjoy the day. Remember, it’s a holiday! Maybe an early morning walk (or, if you’re a little more ambitious, a Turkey Trot!) will help you clear your head and boost your mood. Maybe a few moments alone to do some deep breathing will help you keep your temper when you’re feeling frazzled. Holidays are certainly plenty of work… but that doesn’t mean they have to get you worked up!

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