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Jump In On the Decluttering Trend

What’s the hottest home-centered trend these days?

It just might be decluttering.

A quick Google search for the term “decluttering tips” will present you with more than 8 million results. Search for “decluttering,” and you’ll get 3,000 results. Even Netflix has gotten in on the trend with its original series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”—a decluttering celebrity who is single-handedly responsible for adding the phrase “spark joy” to contemporary conversation.

And we’re all for it. In fact, decluttering isn’t only a gift to your home (and the people who live in it). It might just be good for your health!

Think about it: if you’re surrounded by stacks of mail, old receipts, and magazines you just haven’t had a chance to read… you’re also surrounded by dust, silverfish, maybe even rodents. Reducing clutter can help you keep your home’s air cleaner, and may even positively impact your allergy symptoms.

That’s not all: professional organizers often report that clients feel less stress and anxiety after decluttering their living or work space.

So if you’re considering jumping in on this trend, where should you get started?

Decluttering Tips

  • Partner with a de-cluttering buddy. This week, the two of you could tackle your living room, and next week, the two of you could tackle your partner’s garage. Making firm decisions about what to purge and how to re-organize can be simpler with input from someone you trust.
  • Set goals. Maybe you are participating in the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge. Maybe you want to reorganize your kitchen, so you will purge the pantry one weekend, the refrigerator and freezer the next weekend, reorganize your cabinets one weekend, and so on.  Maybe you will set a timer and give yourself 15 minutes each day to quickly tidy and purge one small area of your home.
  • Take baby steps. Maybe it would seem overwhelming to tackle your toddler twins’ bedroom all at once… but you could take care of their dresser drawers, or their toybox, all at one go. Several small projects will add up to a big one!
  • Consider hiring a professional. A professional organizer can assist you in reaching your goals, whether it’s paring down your possessions, developing better organizational habits, or downsizing without straining your marriage.
  • Join a group of other decluttering-focused people. A Facebook decluttering group, for instance, is a great place to get inspiration for your own decluttering projects, ask for tips on cleaning, tidying, and decluttering approaches, and celebrate your progress.

It’s not spring yet… but that doesn’t mean you need to wait to start spring cleaning. Set your goals, choose your approach, and achieve your decluttering goals.

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