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Focus on Your Wellness

August is National Wellness Month—and never has there been an August when a focus on self-care, stress relief, and healthy routines was more necessary!

As the world continues to deal with the challenges of COVID-19, we struggle with the ramifications of our coping mechanisms. Or instance, face masks may help prevent us from spreading germs to others, and may protect us from being exposed to others’ germs, but they also prevent us from seeing each other’s expressions, from breathing deeply and freely, and from keeping our glasses fog-free.

So whether you’ve celebrated National Wellness Month before, or this is your first time, we urge you to take time to develop new habits, enjoy favorite activities, and relax and de-stress this month.

  • Focus on your food. What you put into your body doesn’t only impact your physical health—it also impacts your mental health! So take time to plan for quick but healthful breakfasts, stock up on fruits, nuts, and veggies for healthful snacks, and plan a delicious meal that you’ll enjoy preparing.
  • Get active. Even if your gym isn’t currently open, it may be offering virtual fitness classes on its app or website, or even on Facebook Live. You can also find countless workouts on YouTube. If you’d prefer, head outside for a walk, run, or bike ride. It’s great for your emotional outlook and your physical fitness.
  • Focus on gratitude. No matter how big the challenges facing you, there are always things to be grateful for. Take time in the evening to note three things that you experienced or noticed that day, for which you are grateful. It won’t be long before this simple practice starts to change your outlook for the better.
  • Pick up a hobby that you’ve discarded, or start a brand new one. Participating in an activity that you enjoy, and where you can experience growth and success, is a great way to improve your mental outlook. Even better, this activity may help you connect with some new friends.
  • Pay attention to what you watch, read, and listen to. These days, it’s all too easy to go into news overload. Make a conscious decision to switch off those current events and turn on music you can dance to, watch a movie that makes you laugh, or pick up a book that can help you learn, grow, or perk up.
  • Be kind to yourself. Pay attention to your self-talk: are you always critical of your performance, your status, your looks? Try to be supportive instead. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes!

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