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The Right Protection for Your Metal Manufacturing Equipment

Steel fabricators and other types of metal manufacturers rely on large, expensive equipment to get the job done—which makes the right insurance for that equipment absolutely vital.

The right policy can help you recover from incidents like fire and vandalism, extreme weather, and equipment breakdown.

Commercial property insurance is an important protection for your equipment if it’s damaged by vandalism, theft, or another covered peril. (Your policy may also protect warehouses and office space, computers, and lost inventory—but here, we’re focusing on how to protect the equipment that keeps your business moving forward.)

Equipment breakdown insurance—sometimes called boiler and machinery insurance—is another important protection for your equipment. No matter how consistent your equipment maintenance program is, no matter how well-trained your employees are, accidents will happen. And if an incident prevents your equipment from functioning properly, you’ll need a policy that can help you stay in business while that equipment is repaired or replaced.

The right equipment breakdown coverage will cover the repair and replacement costs of covered machinery or equipment due to incidents such as power surges, motor burnout, and, yes, operator error. It may also cover costs incurred due to the interruption of your business.

If your equipment fails, the repercussions could impact the future of your entire business. The right insurance protection can prevent those dramatic repercussions and assist you in recovering more swiftly.

But the time to find out whether you have the right insurance in place is now, before an incident impacts your equipment and you have to file a claim. If you’re not sure exactly what protection your policy provides you, we can help.

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