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Re-Opening Your Restaurant

Across the country, restaurants are attempting to resume normal operations—although the pace of that effort varies according to the state in which the restaurant is located. Your restaurant may have been serving dine-in for months, and may allow staff to decide whether or not they want to wear face masks; or your restaurant may have been operating as take-out only, and is now considering how to best serve dine-in customers.

Whatever your situation, there are some tips we’d like to offer to help you make “the new normal” a safer and more profitable time for your restaurant.

  • Stay abreast of rules and regulations issued by OSHA, your state, and your municipality—and be sure your restaurant is in alignment with them. The last thing you want, now that your business is striving to recover normalcy, is a citation.
  • Focus on your hiring practices. So many restaurants had to reduce staffing during the pandemic, and are now hiring new people. It’s a waste of time and money to hire an employee who is not a good fit for your organization. Review your interview procedures and questions—and if you feel as though you could use more guidance, check with your insurance agent or carrier to see if they can provide hiring guidelines.
  • Amp up your training procedures. Practices may have been a little different during the pandemic, and your longtime employees could certainly use a refresher. Likewise, your new employees could use firm guidelines on how you like things done at your restaurant. Training doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. Ask a worker or a friend to be your “cameraman,” grab your smartphone, and start creating a series of super-short videos that demonstrate how to fold a napkin, how to make a latte, or any task you want to ensure your staff completes just so.
  • Contact your insurance agent and review your commercial coverage. A change in staffing, reduction in the number of customers permitted in your establishment, or modification in menu can impact the insurance you need to secure your business.  

Consider each step before you take it, and make sure your restaurant moves into “the new normal” at the pace that’s right for your business.

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