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Healthy Employees Make for a Healthy Business

You already know that your employees are the asset in which your business invests the most – and, of course, you want to protect that investment! You want to keep workers safe on the job, but what about staying healthy?...

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Where There's Smoke, There's Risk

Did you know that cigarette smoking causes about 20 percent of the deaths in the United States? And those people aren’t all smokers: secondhand smoke can result in death, too. Life expectancy for smokers is a decade...

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Electrical Safety on the Work Site

Did you know that electrocutions are the fourth leading cause of death among US construction workers? And the reason for that varies, depending on the worker’s specialty. Among electricians, the most serious concern is...

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Re-Opening Your Restaurant

Across the country, restaurants are attempting to resume normal operations-although the pace of that effort varies according to the state in which the restaurant is located. Your restaurant may have been serving dine-in...

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Cool Down the Risk of Heat-Related Illness

We’re right in the middle of a long, hot summer-but it’s not too late to make sure it’s a safe, healthy summer, too! Heat-related illness is a very real risk facing workers throughout the year-but, of course, especially...

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Give Yourself a Mental Health Boost

Spring is here, and it’s a great time of year to set some healthy new habits-especially during Mental Health Month! Keep a gratitude journal. Make note of three things that occurred earlier in the day for which you’re...

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Eyes on the Prize: Worker Safety

The eyes may be the windows to the soul-but they're also an area of the body that is seriously vulnerable to threats in the workplace. In fact, each day about 2,000 workers sustain work-related eye injuries severe...

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