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Road Safety for Your Workers

Fatal work injuries involving land transportation incidents make up more than a quarter of work-related deaths in 2019.  In that year alone, 1270 U.S. workers died in work-related roadway incidents.

Across the nation, 36,096 people were killed in vehicular crashes that year--a result of many different issues: impaired driving, distracted driving, even the misuse (or lack of use) of seatbelts.

But drivers on the worksite can be distracted by so much more than phones. There is uneven terrain to navigate, and there are obstacles, other people, and other vehicles to avoid. Many vehicles require specific techniques to drive safely, different from other motor vehicles. And on the worksite, time is money—so your workers may feel pressured to move at top speed. 

So how can you help your workers to drive more safely on the job, and off?

  • Ensure that drivers receive consistent training, particularly when using vehicles such as forklifts or earthmovers.
  • Support healthful habits among your workers, particularly good sleep hygiene. A lunch-and-learn or strategically placed posters can help you here.
  • Develop a safe driving policy that includes
  • Safety belt requirements
  • Defensive driving tactics
  • Prohibition of cellphone use when driving a vehicle

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