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Road Safety and Hot Weather Hazards

Whether you’re driving your college freshman to his or her new campus, heading out on one more roadtrip before the end of summer, or just trying to help your car make it through the long, hot summer, being out on the road during these hazy, crazy, lazy days comes with a certain amount of risk. In fact, the summer months have the highest driving fatality rate.

How can you protect your car—and your passengers—from hot weather hazards?

  • Check your tires regularly. Warm weather can cause the air inside your tires to expand, setting the stage for a blowout.
  • Check your coolant system (are the radiator and pressure cap in good shape?). Check hoses and belts for signs of blisters, cracks, and wear. Watch for signs of leaks. And if you’re heading out on a long road trip, or a drive through unpopulated areas, consider stocking your car with extra coolant, oil, and fluids.
  • Follow the speed limit and be aware of traffic warning signs. Snow-free weather is a hot (sorry!) time for road construction, which means rough roads, detours, delays, and road construction workers. Be aware of your surroundings and drive with caution.
  •  Never leave a child or animal unattended in a parked car. The temperature can rise dramatically in a locked vehicle, leading to heat-related illness or even fatality.
  • Schedule an oil change to help prevent overheating and to lubricate moving parts.
  • Clean out your vehicle. Summer heat can turn debris like disposable lighters, batteries, and aerosol cans into a hazard—or make chocolate or crayons into a disgusting mess.
  • Make sure your sunglasses are effective, and items in the car are not positioned so that they will reflect sunlight into your eyes.
  • In many parts of the country, summertime showers are commonplace. If your windshield wipers are aged or weather-worn, replace them so they can do the job they’re supposed to do if the weather calls for it.

Proper vehicle maintenance, simple preparation, and awareness behind the wheel are really all you need to stay safe on your summer outings. The tips above will give you a great start to safe, enjoyable summertime trips.

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