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Fix a Leak!

Here’s a fact to shock your senses: the average household’s leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year. That’s equivalent to the amount of water needed to wash 270 loads of laundry.

Now let’s take that big-picture: nationwide, households leaks can waste more than 1 trillion gallons annually. That’s equal to the annual household water use of more than 11 million homes. And here’s another horrifying stat: 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day.

That’s bad for your community’s water district. It’s bad for your house. And it’s terrible for your water bill. You may actually have a leak that you aren’t even paying attention to. For instance, common types of leaks include worn toilet flappers, dripping faucets, and leaking showerheads. But the good news is, these can be inexpensive and simple repairs to make (even for plumbing novices!). And the great news is that fixing easily corrected household water leaks can save you about 10% on your water bill. This is Fix a Leak Week – a fantastic time to take a look around your house, garage, and yard, and check for signs of leaks. Here are a few tips:

  • Check your water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used. If the meter changes at all, you probably have a leak. 
  • Identify toilet leaks by placing a drop of food coloring in the toilet tank. If any color shows up in the bowl after 10 minutes, you have a leak. (Be sure to flush immediately after the experiment to avoid staining the tank.) 
  • Examine faucet gaskets for any water on the outside of the pipe to check for surface leaks.
  • Do you hear the sound of running water … when you shouldn’t? Are you spotting water in places where you shouldn’t (like on the ceiling or a wall)? You may have a leak.
  • Are there signs of mold or mildew? That could mean there’s a leak.

Take care of small plumbing repairs right away – and prevent them from turning into big problems. Your house – and your bank account – will thank you!

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