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Cool Down the Risk of Heat-Related Illness

We’re right in the middle of a long, hot summer—but it’s not too late to make sure it’s a safe, healthy summer, too!

Heat-related illness is a very real risk facing workers throughout the year—but, of course, especially during the hottest season. In fact, according to OSHA, dozens of workers die and thousands more fall ill from working in the heat.

Do your workers know the signs of heat-related illness?

Heat-related illness includes heat stress, a condition resulting from the body’s inability to cope with the heat. In turn, heat stress can result in heat cramps, heat rash, heat exhaustion, fainting, and heat stroke. Symptoms can include disorientation, cold, pale, clammy skin, a fast, weak pulse, and heavy sweating.

Do your workers know how to prevent heat-related illness? It’s not that difficult to do:

  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Wear wide-brimmed hats.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. 
  • Drink plenty of other water or other fluids (avoiding caffeinated, sugary, or alcoholic beverages).
  • Have access to cool, shady areas for breaks.

If a worker shows signs of heat-related illness:

  • Move the worker to a cooler location.
  • Have the worker lie down and loosen any constrictive clothing.
  • Apply wet, cool cloths to the worker’s skin.
  • Have the worker sip water.
  • Be prepared to call 911 if the worker
  • Has a temperature above 103°F
  • Has hot, red, dry, or moist skin
  • Is continuously vomiting
  • Has a rapid, strong pulse
  • Is unconscious

Train your team to recognize the signs of heat-related illness—and, more importantly, how to prevent it. That will help you make it a safe and productive summer for your company and all your workers!

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