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Is Your HVAC System in Good Health?

Temperatures are starting to dip. Have you taken steps to ensure that your HVAC system is in good health, and can keep you at a comfortable temperature no matter the season? If you haven't... it's not too late to start!

  • Change the filter. It’s a simple, inexpensive chore that can have a big impact on your heating and cooling system. Depending on your usage levels, it’s recommended that you change the filter 2-4 times a year.
  • Hose down your condenser (this big unit is probably sitting outside your house), and clear away any debris that you find there. It’s a great idea to prune shrubs or plants growing close to it, too. This can all help the system to run more efficiently.
  • Learn how to program your thermostat—and then program it! In the winter, keep the temperature low when you’re not home, but allow the heat to run to maintain that temperature. Then when you get home, turn the heat up to your desired temperature. The system will reach that target much faster if the house isn’t an icebox!
  • Get an annual check-up, including a safety inspection of electrical components and refrigeration; lubrication, cleaning, and adjustment of the motors; clean-out of condensation; and ductwork inspection. 

Efficiency is the key to the long-term health—and the temperature impact—of your HVAC system. Heating and cooling costs account for about half of the average family’s energy costs, so get the most bang for your buck without breaking a sweat by following these tips now.

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