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Electrical Safety on the Work Site

Did you know that electrocutions are the fourth leading cause of death among US construction workers?

And the reason for that varies, depending on the worker’s specialty. Among electricians, the most serious concern is working live wires, and not using lockout/tagout procedures. Among non-electricians, the major concerns are failure to avoid live overhead power lines—and an apparent lack of basic electrical safety knowledge.

When is the last time you gave your workers a refresher course in basic electrical safety procedures, such as lockout/ tagout, proper extension cord usage, and how to properly extinguish an electrical fire? When is the last time you had such a refresher course?

Here are some electrical safety topics you should review with your team, to try to prevent electrical injury and death on the job.

  • OSHA regulations on electrical safety
  • Basic electrical safety procedures
  • Arc flash awareness
  • Lockout/ tagout procedures
  • Safety policies and procedures, including the permit system for working on live electrical circuits
  • The correct use of PPE and tools when de-energizing when working on live electrical circuits


  • Make sure all machinery and power tools are double insulated or properly grounded
  • Check all power cords for wear and tear before use; repair or replace damaged cords before use.
  • Ensure workers are properly trained for the work they will be doing.
  • Make sure you are trained in electrical safety for the work you will be doing.

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