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Working at Stress Reduction

Does your job (or your manager, or your colleague, or your commute) stress you out?

Odds are, you’re thinking, “That’s a dumb question!”

After all, the American Institute of Stress points out that work leads the pack for sources of stress for American adults. Nearly 70 percent of Americans feel overwhelmed by their workload or trying to balance work responsibilities with their private lives. More than a quarter of Americans feel stressed because of their co-workers.

If reading about all these different sources of stress is making you feel more stressed—take a deep breath. We’ve got good news! (Drum roll, please!)

Stress is an unfortunate reality of life—but stress management techniques are plentiful… and easy to implement. And there’s no better time than April (Stress Awareness Month) to give them a try.

Create Your Own Stress-Reduction Handbook

Make a list of the stress-busters that work best for you. Each person’s list will be unique, but they could include going for a short walk, taking a break from the situation by going to a new location, doing some breathing exercises, or listening to relaxing music. Keep this list handy, and refer to it when you encounter a stressful situation.

Turn Your Workplace into Your Refuge

Consider approaching a manager and asking if it would be possible to organize a weekly or daily stress reduction workout for employees, such as yoga or tai chi. You could point out that stress has physical implications (higher blood pressure, higher heart rate, headache, stomachache) that could impact the company’s workers’ comp costs—and that stress can negatively impact concentration, which could in turn negatively impact productivity.

Give Yourself a Break

Do you often skip your breaks, or eat lunch at your desk? You’re missing a powerful opportunity to de-stress. Take your breaks, and use them to get away from your work station. A change of scenery can change your frame of mind!

Get Moving

To get the most out of your break, try going for a walk outside. Research has shown that a brisk walk of 20-30 minutes can have the same impact as a mild tranquilizer. Being outdoors can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

De-Stress Away from Work, Too

Incorporate stress-reducing activities into your schedule outside the workplace. Develop a spiritual practice, attend a regular yoga or tai chi class, establish a regular workout routine, and ensure you are getting sufficient sleep.

Stress is bad for you—but the cure is within your grasp! Why not give it a try this Stress Awareness Month?

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