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How to Celebrate Physical Fitness Month

We all want to be healthy and fit, right?

But we don’t always want to put the work into getting that way!

That’s where May can really play an important role. This month just happens to be National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, in case you didn’t know it. And along with the great spring weather, that makes this the perfect time to put some new active, healthy habits into practice.

Team Up

This is the time of year when many organizations and communities participate in sports leagues. If your employer participates in a league, why not join the team? (Or flip that coin: why not encourage your colleagues to join you in a league?) You’ll have the fun of a team sport—and may even find that it improves your work relationships!

Buddy Up

If you’re not ready for team sports, grab a friend (or spouse, or kid, or neighbor—you get the idea!) and commit to a regular activity together. Maybe you walk together three mornings a week. Maybe you kayak every weekend. Maybe you rollerblade two evenings a week. Choose a fun companion and a fun activity, and jump right in!

All in the Family

While you’re striving to improve your own fitness levels, give some thought to the rest of your family. Do you have an elderly parent who could use some more exercise? Make a weekly or biweekly date for a neighborhood walk. Are your kids stuck behind a device all the time? Commit to a couple of afternoons each week in the park. Throw a ball around, go jogging together, or just explore the great outdoors at a leisurely stroll.

TV Can Help

If you’re still imagining Jazzercize videos and legwarmers, you are missing out on today’s fitness videos. Go to YouTube and search for an exercise modality that appeals to you—yoga, Pilates, strength training, even swimming or running—and you’ll find a plethora of videos to inspire and guide you. The best part? That means your coach is ready when you are, at any time of day and even when you’re traveling for work.

Good physical fitness means more than just having a “beach-ready body.” It can impact your longevity, your mood, your powers of concentration, even your productivity on the job. Make it a goal to inject some more physical fitness in your life this month. There’s no time like May!

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