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The Best Way to Celebrate Poison Prevention Week

The third week in March brings with it the official start of spring—and, not coincidentally, the observance of Poison Prevention Week.

It’s an unhappy fact that poison surrounds us, and poisonings are not confined to any particular season. But as you begin spring cleaning and overhauling your yard, the tools and substances you use to accomplish your goals also put you—and your loved ones—at risk of poisoning.

So take a few minutes to review these simple tips to help everyone kick off the new season safely.

  • Remember that many household cleaners, garden chemicals, and pesticides are poisonous if inhaled or swallowed. Keep all cleaners and chemicals in the containers they came in, and be sure you review the directions for use prior to opening the product.
  • Do those directions recommend wearing face masks, goggles, or gloves when using a product? Take that instruction seriously! Many chemical substances can cause burns if they touch the skin, or eye injury or blindness if they get into the eyes.
  • Never mix chemicals or household cleaners together. Doing so could create a poisonous gas.
  • Be sure to follow any directions for safe storage of household cleaners or chemicals for outdoor use. Remember not to store these substances too close together—or anywhere near food.
  • Using cleaners and household chemicals indoors? Be sure to turn on fans or open windows when you do.
  • Be sure everyone in your family knows the Poison Hotline number, and when to call it: 1-800-222-1222. Taking steps quickly enough after exposure to a poisonous substance can make all the difference.

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