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Give Yourself a Mental Health Boost

Spring is here, and it’s a great time of year to set some healthy new habits—especially during Mental Health Month!

  • Keep a gratitude journal. Make note of three things that occurred earlier in the day for which you’re grateful. It will help you maintain a positive perspective.
  • Get a change of scenery. Plan a weekend away or a vacation, if your schedule permits. If not, see if you’re able to work remotely or even get just a day or two off so you can enjoy a new environment—and feel refreshed.
  • Keep an eye on your sleep patterns. Make sure you are allowing enough time for a solid night’s sleep, and do everything you can to set yourself up to enjoy one! Make sure the temperature is cool enough, the room is dark enough, and you haven’t eaten or drunk anything that may interrupt your sleep pattern.
  • Do something creative! Revisit a hobby you used to enjoy, and plan some time to jump back into it. Take a class in an activity you’ve always wanted to try. Or enjoy an artistic outing at a museum or theater.
  • Get outside and get moving! A walk outdoors is not only good for you physically, it can help you de-stress and refresh.
  • Spend some time with a furry or feathered friend. Studies show that time spent with animals can lower your blood pressure and improve your outlook. Don’t have a pet? Make a date with a friend who does!
  • Surround yourself with positivity. Get a book about positive perspectives or visit a website that can provide you with positive quotes.

We all have many commitments and challenges that can drag us down, stress us out, and fill us with anxiety. But if you commit to establishing some good mental health habits, you can stay on top of all those challenges—and feel better than ever.

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