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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

What You Need to Know About Work Comp Fraud

Sometimes it seems as though workers comp fraud is the only reason we ever talk about workers comp. Healthcare providers may join together in a scheme to be reimbursed for unnecessary treatments. Consumers may concoct...

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PPE, or Not PPE?

A black belt may make you feel invincible-but a back belt should not. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health conducted an extensive study finding insufficient scientific evidence that back belts...

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Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls on the Job

In 2019, 880 workers died in falls, and 244,000 were injured badly enough to require days off of work. A worker doesn't have fall from a high level to suffer fatal injuries; 146 workers were killed in falls on the same...

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Don't Hire a Problem at Your Craft Brewery

It's not news that who you hire has a significant impact on the success of your brewery. But what may not have occurred to you is that who you hire can also impact the cost of your workers’ compensation insurance. While...

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How Your X-Mod Impacts Your Brewery's Workers Comp Insurance

Workers’ compensation exists to protect workers. Most states require companies to cover employees with workers’ comp. In California, for instance, even a business with only one employee must carry workers’ comp. What is...

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The Heart of a Healthy Business

In February, we can't help but think of hearts and flowers and chocolates and Cupid. After all, Valentine's Day is right in the middle of the month! But there's another good reason to think of hearts this month: it's...

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